AFUSA Highland
is a specialty coffee company
based in Africa.

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We are dedicated to producing and supplying high quality Arabica coffee grown at high altitudes on our farms. Our passion for coffee is reflected in every bean we produce, from careful planting to harvesting, drying and artisanal roasting.

Our coffee is known for its exceptional taste, rich aroma notes and velvety texture. We offer our coffee in the form of roasted beans, with different levels of roasting to please all palates.

In addition to providing premium specialty coffee, we are committed to sustainability and social responsibility. We work closely with our local communities, supporting development programs and environmental conservation.

We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our company and experience the unique taste of our specialty Arabica coffee. With our webshop, you can easily order our roasted beans and enjoy high-quality coffee in your own home.

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